About IEEE Egypt Section and YP Egypt

IEEE is divided into different categories according to geographical regions, technical aspects, and expertise. Geographically, The IEEE divides the world into 10 regions. IEEE Egypt Section lies in Region 8, which includes Europe sections, Africa, and Middle East Sections. The IEEE history in Egypt is back to more than 50 years ago. Annual Technical conferences and workshops in various engineering fields have been organized by the IEEE Egypt Section since then. IEEE Egypt Section is supervising 2 Affinity Groups (AG) in Egypt; Young Professionals or YP AG and the Women in Engineering or WIE AG. The IEEE Egypt section is also supervising various activities in 21 universities through IEEE student branches. IEEE Young Professionals is an international community of enthusiastic, dynamic, and innovative members and volunteers. IEEE Egypt section is committed to helping young professionals evaluate their career goals, polish their professional image, and create the building blocks of a lifelong and diverse professional network.