About EED

By the time this content was written, EED has become a very special national event that receives a very special deliberation from the Egyptian government, academic parties, industry and media with both local and regional recognition. It's considered as the annual nexus for engineers in Egypt and an opportunity for all engineering professionals to meet new associates in the field, share ideas, collaborate on projects and learn something new. EED is where industry and university enter a win-win situation.

The Egyptian Engineering Day, or EED for short, was first founded in the annual Egyptian Student Branches Meeting, ESBM 2002. The EED was suggested to be an expo for engineering graduation projects, as there was a usual complaint of spending too much effort and time implementing a graduation project of no application in the real life.

From this year forth, EED volunteers were doing their best to fulfill the missing link between University Study represented by graduation projects, research, development and Industrial Application represented by private and public sectors. Every year they carefully choose a slogan to serve that year's vision, starting from "Industry University Link" in 2002, passing through "Think Global" in 2010, and reaching "Innovative Minds .. Sustainable Life" in 2016. And by 2016, it was time to celebrate 15 years of successive successes with 34 universities, 200 volunteers, and more than 6000 visitors.