Event Date: 5-6 September

Place: Smart Village, Conferance Hall

15 Years Serving Egypt

Believing in our role in pushing the Arab industrial world, EED - and along its history - has been trying to merge between interdisciplinary fields of engineering in an annual summit in a way that can illuminate a safe passage for engineering projects to compete in the different fields.

In the memorial of our 15th anniversary, the EED 2016 will feature the following

  • * Continuing on the same pace of the last episode, EED 2016 is oriented to solve the crucial problems that face our society and specially those related to energy. By building a second and third line of projects behind the graduation projects, EED 2016 can supply the industrial world with feasible yet creative solutions in an attempt to create opportunities for tackling those problems. Through transparent judgement process, we can ensure that only those types of projects will give a push to the Arab industrial world.
  • * In a way to make a unite vision along with the EED 2016 exhibition, EED 2016 program will shed light on the recent challenges that face our country by introducing the concept of "Sustainability" to the audience. Through plenty of technical sessions and workshops, EED 2016 will try to increase the self-awareness of the students in a way that make them capable of proposing new and innovative solutions to our crucial problems including the energy ones.

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